the daily outing

I'm so excited because my sister in law is coming to visit today. And she's bringing her babies. I say babies.. one is 4 months the other is turning 8 in a few weeks. We're going shopping for her birthday party. The Theme is 50's. :)

Then we're going to get Fish for the tank. The only problem is our little tank is too hot for fish, and the big on is staying at 75, 76 is the top heat for fish. Unless we get saltwater and I really don't think I'm ready to maintain that.

I should go to walmart to recycle the two huge piles of plastic bags we have on the table, but I'll probably end up buying way too much if I go there. I normally end up walking out of walmart with all sorts of things not on my list and not needed. Things like diet pills, soda, snacks, potting soil... Who knows what I'd end up with.