Summer plans

It's already June. The summer is going to fly bye (I think).

Last month we went on vacation, this month we will be making a trip to visit family for a birthday party, and maybe going on a weekend camping trip, or visiting the Lazy 5 Ranch. Next Month is my husband's family reunion. We'll be traveling about 5 hours and staying in his aunts back yard in our tent, only because there are no cheap hotels available. We should have fun. Then August is Lexi's birthday and in September, Jelly Bean comes. Hopefully by then we'll have a name picked out so we don't have to put Jelly Bean on her birth certificate.

Oh, and Friday we get to go see the comedian Tim Hawkins!! I'm so excited. it will be our first real date since Lexi was born (almost two years ago). If you've never heard of him check out his website, he's hilarious. it's

Unfortunately with summer plans comes spending money, but oh well right?