Tick Season

The ticks are out. and I don't know about where you're at, but around here and around my in laws, they are bad! Just walking outside by my sister's house you'll come in with a tick. The other day I was at their house and went to crawl into bed and there was one crawling across the sheet. It had stuck to someone and come inside.

The other day my husband was opening the blinds and one landed on his arm. Where do these things come from? What will keep them away? I was hanging laundry and one was on my clean clothes too! They're crazy and everywhere!


Kathie said...

Discovered your blog today and enjoyed reading your pointless ramblings as you call them. The tick post brought back a lot of very unpleasant memories. LOL Growing up in Kentucky, all you had to do was step out on the back porch during the summer and you got ticks. I remember spending my summers smelling like kerosene (sprinkled on liberally to keep the ticks off) and hoping no one threw a lit match in my direction.
Blessings from Costa Rica,