The Fishies are coming, the Fishies are coming!

After 4 months we are going to set up our fish tank again. Hopefully this time we will be able to keep more than 1 fish at a time alive.

We have had this empty 10 gallon fish tank sitting on the shelf that holds our books, and another empty 2.5 gallon tank sitting in Lexi's closet. We were just waiting to get back from our camping vacation to fill them, and well, now it's time!

So yesterday I went to walmart and got gravel. Came home, rinsed the gravel, dumped it in the tanks, filled them with water and got the pumps running. Either tonight or tomorrow we will go pick out some fish. I think we'll avoid the goldfish though. Last time we had gold fish and after a few years of the tank we realized all we could put in with goldfish is more goldfish because their poop will kill other fish. So there you have it. We ended up with 1 goldfish in the 10 gallon tank for about 4 years straight. We'd wait awhile for it to die, it wouldn't die, so we'd go get more goldfish and all but one of the new ones would die. It was sad, really.

This time I think we'll go for tetras, some African dwarf frogs and who knows what else. I want bright colorful fish to capture my child's attention. Of course, they will be competing with the TV. but hey, they might win. For awhile...