random thoughts

I'm so glad that while you're dealing with all the fun postpartum things like acne, flabby bellies, sleepless nights and nursing issues that you have an adorable, wonderful baby to look at. It makes it all worth it.

Seriously, without the baby I'd just be a slob!

On a different note, it's fall here in North Carolina. I'm loving the cooler weather, the chance to wear jeans and long sleeves. It makes me want to go to a high school football game. If we were still in Tennessee I would go, we don't know anyone here that plays football so it would be kinda weird.

Fall is just a great time of the year. It's tied as my favorite season with Spring. For some reason this year I am really loving fall decorations. I've never been into the pumpkins and corn stalks, or autumn colors. But this year every time I see a fall decoration I want to buy it! I want to make outside decorations out of dried corn stalks and pumpkins and guards. I want to put a weird wreath of colored leaves and sticks on my door.

Wonder if this means I'm getting old or if I'm just appreciating things more this year?

I have a strong desire to go outside with the girls, and yet I never do. Mostly because there's nothing to do outside here. Lexi has a tricycle but doesn't know how to use it, I'm sure she'd appreciate just being outside. She'll find something to do. Maybe we'll go out this afternoon, it's a little chilly right now.

I still love the fall weather!