New Years

Do you make New Years resolutions? I normally stay away from them. A few times I've tried to set some, they don't last very long. Especially when they include avoiding chocolate.

Lately I've been thinking more about setting spiritual resolutions instead of the typical lose weight, save money,quit smoking, get a new job type resolutions that most people set. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those types of resolutions, many, many American's will join weight watchers, or buy Allie on January 1st to help them lose weight. But I want my focus to be on God in 2009. (don't get me wrong, I am going to try to lose more baby weight and even run more)

I think my #1 goal in 2009 is to read my Bible every day. Yes, every day. I want perfect attendance in my quiet time. I want to see how much God can do in me when I make the commitment to not let one day go by without spending time in His word and at His feet.

anyone want to join me?


Yes, that's right, we're in Tennessee. The wonderful state that it is. I've been enjoying our time here (except for the 24 hour stomach bug that Lexi caught, it was the first time in her life that she threw up and it scared her- the first time anyway). We got into town on Saturday and spent some time with a friend of ours and her two kids, then went to see some other friends of ours and their 4 kids. Then came back "home" to Jim and Kathy's house to relax for the evening. Sunday was wonderful, going to church and seeing all our old friends. We even got to go out to eat with some of them to enjoy even more fellowship. Yesterday was very laid back (aside from cleaning up barf) we just sat around Jim and Kathy's enjoying the cable tv. he he. We were supposed to go see some friends last night, but decided not to spread the germs.

Today we might head out to the Ocoee River for some old memories, then this evening we're headed to another friend's house for dinner. Tomorrow will be full of cleaning and cooking and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner which will be held here on Thursday. Then Tomorrow night we have a dinner date with 3 couples and their kids.

Thursday is of course Thanksgiving, and lots of family (Jim's family) will be coming over including his mom, sister, niece, son, and maybe an aunt or two. Last year it was the same group and we had tons of fun just hanging out and watching the eating contests that were on TV. Talk about some major pigging out, those people on tv could eat hundreds of hotdogs in one sitting. it was sick. I thought about offering them some apidexin, (a diet pill) but didn't think that would be very kind.

Anyway, Friday I might get out a bit to do some shopping, I have a little bit of birthday money that I'd love to spend. :) However, I might not brave the crowds. Saturday we'll get together with more friends, then Sunday will be another day of church, then Monday we head back to NC :(.

Our week sounds busy, but really most the day we're just sitting around the house, it's only the evenings that are busy. I'm having a great time either way!


Guess what? Since Eugene was laid off and hasn't found a new job we are going to Tennessee early! We were going to leave Wednesday but decided to leave Saturday instead.

I am struggling with losing the baby weight I gained from the two girls, and although I wouldn't ever take diet pills, I was looking up some diet pill info to see what makes them so appealing to people. I think I'll stick with diet and exercise.

Anyway, I have a fussy baby tonight for some reason. I haven't had any dairy in 2.5 months so I don't know what is bothering her. and let me tell you, if I've ever had a craving in my life... it's right now! I want ANYTHING dairy. ice cream, milk, cheese, yogurt, even butter would be fine. However, I like having a happy baby better than dairy.

I think maybe God is trying to get me on a different diet, I couldn't have sugar while I was pregnant, and now I can't have any dairy. and YES, i still want more babies.

I love Coupons!!!

I just went to walmart. Every time I go there I walk in for 2 things, thinking I'll spend about $5, and walk out with a few bags full, and about $25 poorer.

Well not today! money saving mom had a bunch of walmart deals listed and I thought I'd take advantage of them. I was quite disappointed while getting my list together though because half of the printable coupons weren't around any longer. Then when I got to the store some of the items were more than she said they were going to be (different locations have things different prices). So I didn't think I was going to do as well as I hoped.

But I was wrong! I got $20 worth of stuff for only $4. I got everything from food products to preparation H wipes (not that i need them right now, but I'm sure they'll come in handy during the next pregnancy. The only thing I didn't get was a good colon cleanser. I did get a great deal on some baby food to keep in the cabinet for when that time comes. I do plan on making my own baby food for Caylee, and I plan on holding her off on eating solids until about 5 or 6 months. But when going places it's way easier to throw a jar in the diaper bag, so these will come in handy.

So yah... I love coupons!


no that's not the ahhh, like I'm relaxing. it's AHHH, like I'm screaming.

Things are crazy here! Lexi came down with what we thought was just allergies on Friday, turned out to be a cold. Yesterday Caylee started coughing and is congested now.

Caylee had her 2 month check up yesterday (and her first shot) she weighs a whopping 11lbs 4oz now. everything is in the 50th percentile (including her head! unlike her 96 percentile sister's head).

In a few minutes we'll be headed out the door to vote. I am glad God is in charge and He can use either man to lead this country.

Well, Caylee is waking up to eat and my hubby will be home in a few so I better get things moving!