Half marathon

I've found the half marathon I want to run, it's called the Dismal Swamp Stomp half marathon. Doesn't that sound fun? It's in Chesapeake, VA, it's flat and on a paved trail that runs right next to a swamp through the "wilderness". It looks like fun. Plus, I can turn the trip into a mini vacation. There are a few state parks around Virginia beach, I'm hoping to hear a big YES from my husband that we will commit to this! a nice camping trip at the beach with my family sounds like a ton of fun, add to it running my first half marathon and it will be a perfect trip. Now to get my knees to cooperate.

This lifestyle change has been great for me, it's my own little quick weight loss plan. I'm at 16lbs and hope to lose another 14. I don't want to call it a diet, yes I'm watching what I'm eating, but I've still allowed myself a cookie or two here, a piece of pizza there, even a donut the other day. One thing I've learned is that I need to eat enough! When I first signed up with sparkpeople (about 3 weeks into my progress) I had hit a plateau, it was on accident one day I ate more calories than normal and started losing weight again. Some days it is hard for me to even get in 1200 calories, on those days I like to splurge with a cookie, or a couple glasses of milk. At least with the milk it's good for me! he he.

Anyway, I'm really excited to run my first half marathon, I have to rest tomorrow even though it's a running day though. I hurt my knee doing Jillian's 30 day shred Friday night. Stupid butt kicks. I kicked my knee up too high towards my butt and it hurt SO BAD. Then I tried to do my 4 mile run yesterday and only made it two. Normally any aches and pains I have go away by the time I hit mile 1, but when my knee was still screaming out to me I decided to just turn around. Did I mention I was walking on it pretty much all day Saturday? Today it's pretty big and kinda sore. Hopefully by Wednesday it will be ready to resume all running!