One of those days

So last night both of our computers started acting up. I ran a virus scan over night, woke up to see I had a Trojan virus. My husband couldn't even run a virus scan because his computer was that messed up. He got the blue screen of death. He did manage to get all his files off, but is still working on fixing it, if he can't get it fixed we're going to have to get him a new one, unfortunately my old dinosaur of a computer can't run the programs he needs to work. I'd love a lap top, even a Acer Aspire would be nice, But right now his computer is the only thing bringing in any money so it's kinda important.

Anyway, so then My husband went to heat up a waffle and our toaster wouldn't work. to top it all off, he went to the store and when he left the car wouldn't start. He did figure out it's the starter, which luckily we have a warranty on it so it wont cost anything to fix, but before he can get the new one he has to bring them the old one. To top it all off they are calling for freezing rain tonight. I hope our car isn't stuck at the store for too long...

When it rains it pours!