YAY for weight loss!

I've lost 11lbs. I'm so excited. I still have about 20 more to lose until I'm at a good weight for me, but 11lbs is exciting! I'm sure some people would think I'm obsessed about eating, because I've been counting calories, fat, carbs and protein. using it's a great site to help track nutrition.

I've pretty much mastered the not caring about what others around me are eating. I've sat back and fed my kids ice cream without eating any, right now the girls are eating Oreos, I'm proud to say the package is almost empty and I've had NONE. The best thing about what I'm doing is that I am able to eat some sweets, the other day I did have some ice cream, but it fit into my calories and fat for the day.

Only problem is, we're going to visit my husband's family for a few days and I'm scared they will think I'm obsessed or crazy, really I'm just trying to eat healthier. The reason I think they'll think that is because I thought that about my sister before I started trying to eat healthy. But I'm not healthy and I need to be, so I'll do what it takes. Even if it means looking crazy.

I used to get scared when we'd leave home, thinking I'd come home and the house would be burnt down or something, i rest a little easier now that we have renters insurance, when we got our home insurance quote I was so shocked at how cheap it is! Everyone renting should get insurance, especially if you live in an apartment where other people's mistakes could cost you everything.