I can't believe how big the girls are getting, The other day Lexi started writing her name on things. Seriously, she's almost 3.5, how did that happen? Caylee is 16 months old too. Crazy. Caylee is still a mega cutie and gets into everything. Lately we've been battling eczema with Caylee. I was putting the eczema cream we got on her, then I read all the warnings and decided I'll stick with lotion. seems to be working.

I've been enjoying the girls though, even though they give me trouble sometimes. I was reminded today at Bible study that God has put me here in this place, and has given me everything I need to do my job. It's so easy to get overwhelmed with the feeling of just being a slave, or a maid. I spend most of my day cooking, cleaning, folding clothes, cleaning up kids etc. Truth be told, we're supposed to be servants. We are supposed to be like Christ, and he spent his entire time on earth being a servant.

So now it's going to be my aim to have a positive attitude each time I fold the clothes, or wipe Lexi's tushy. :) After all, being a mom is all about taking care of my blessings.