It's a New Year

2010. Amazing. I've been out of school for 10 years. The 2000's were good to me, I graduated, spent two years at Grace College in Indiana (and loved every minute, well at least most of them.) I was engaged, broke up, met a guy online, made a crazy move to be near the guy, got engaged (again, this time to Mr. Right), got married, moved to Tennessee so my husband could be in a band, had a baby, had a molar pregnancy, moved back to North Carolina, had another baby, had two miscarriages, spent over a year with my husband unemployed and now it's 2010. FEW.

Some of the major highlights of the past year were our GREAT vacation to New Jersey for my cousins wedding, then to the Hershey PA area for a week of camping with my family. It was better than ski vacations!

Really, the past year has been challenging, but God has been working on me, and I am finally realizing that being a "Good Christian" doesn't come naturally. I am slowly working on my self control, patience, kindness, and jealousy issues! I think 2010 is going to be a great year, despite the circumstances that it may bring. I am determine to learn and grow. No more sitting back and letting my laziness control me.