Working out..

I have found that I miss the short month that we had at the YMCA. It was nice to be able to run inside, and even have a "sitter" for the time that my husband and I were there...We got access to everything, even tried out a spinning class. Ouch is all I'm going to say on that one. We would get to run on the treadmill, or elliptical, and then we would usually go over to the weight training circuit. We would take the wipes and start working, switching out back and forth as much as we could to try to avoid wiping down every single machine in there twice. It just really felt good to keep building muscle. My husband kept saying that he was going to get some of those protein shakes or something like that. He was reading what he called a muscle milk review, he said it had a bunch of different options to help him get bigger..too bad we aren't going to the gym any more :) Maybe with tax time coming, we'll get something to put in our house, like a treadmill or something, to help us get into shape, instead of just having one. We'll see..