So.. What's next?

I mentioned in my last post that a lot of changing has been taking place here. I'm so happy about that. One thing my husband and I have really been trying to figure out is where God wants us. You all know he's been unemployed for 14 months now, after a year of unemployment the amount we get per week has been cut and we can't pay all our bills now. We pay too much for rent in my mind, only because we're not used to the high cost of living that is associated with living in this area. To some $625 for a two bedroom apartment might seem normal, or even low, to us it's high.

We're really hoping we get some major revelation soon because we don't want to step out of God's will. When we moved here from Tennessee we really thought this was what God wanted, now we're not so sure. But right now we don't think we're suppose to move back, we're hoping that cross country moving isn't in our future, but honestly we aren't certain where God wants us. We are looking at a few options right now, and really praying hard that God makes one clear, we know something has to happen soon, either a job or a move because we don't want to get even further behind with our bills.

So here we sit, waiting for some sort of answer as to where God wants us!