Thoughts on the internet...

We are moving on the 26th. I am excited but at the same time a little overwhelmed with what needs done around here! Packing seriously takes forever. Seems like I've run out of things that can be packed up this early too. When I think of something I'll pack one box and then lose my ambition. I am easily distracted, especially by the computer. This little box of technology that makes everyone's lives "easier". I'm starting to wonder if they make life more complicated. There's just too much you can do on the computer, especially if you have the internet. There's facebook, myspace, twitter, all sorts of social sites where you can find out what every single person you ever knew is doing at every single second of the day. Or there's Google, you can research ANYTHING you want, Do you need fast weight loss tips? no problem, just google it! How to cut a fresh pineapple? Oh that's on there too, but not just one site with answers, no 45,642,154,654 sites!

It's not that I am anti internet- obviously, I love me some facebook, but I just wonder if having all this information at the tip of our fingers is honestly making life easier, or just keeping us busy. I mean, if I lived 10 years without knowing what someone I went to high school with is doing, why do I feel the need to look at every single picture of their children?