I'm 28 can it stop now?

Seriously, I've had acne since I was like 5 I think. All the hormones are balanced, no puberty, no pregnancy, no pms. I thought maybe it was related to my sugar intake, but I haven't had soda or candy or junk food other than once or twice in about 6 weeks. I've tried acne washes, acne systems, and even RX acne cream. Nothing is working. Can I blame it on genetics now? I die when I hear/see people complaining about a zit on their chin/nose/forehead... I'd love to have just one zit to worry about. I haven't had a day w/no zits since I started puberty. A day with only one zit? I don't recall one, if I did it was probably a pimple the size of a quarter. Anyone else love oily skin as much as I do?

Ok, I'll stop ranting and raving now...