Fun Day

We went to the mall in an attempt to find some cute matching or coordinating outfits for the girls. I am always seeing adorable clothes at target, old navy and the children's place but we never have the money to buy them. Today we had the money but i couldn't find anything!!! Figures.

The girls were super, super good so we decided to take them to build a bear.There's nothing more fun than over priced dust collectors... ok, so that's my opinion, but the girls ask every time we walk by one, so we gave in. I remember LOVING  stuffed animals when I was a little girl. Caylee was a bit confused by the flat puppy that look like he'd taken too much lipo 6, but once she saw Lexi's cat come to life with stuffing she was beyond thrilled to push the pedal and help fill up her Wuff Wuff. We skipped clothes for their new friends and got them sunglasses, yes they were overpriced, but it was worth making the memories.

New Toys

I finally have a laptop! I can't believe I forgot to share that little bit of excitement with you.  Not only do I have a laptop, I have a GREEN laptop. Nothing is cooler than that.  I've wanted this laptop for 4 years, and we decided with this tax return I'd get one. So I kept my eye on the Dell outlet store, I watched for two weeks and never saw a green one on there. The day our tax return went into our bank I looked, and they had the exact laptop I wanted, even in green!!!

It's so crazy to me to think that God loves me so much that He cares what COLOR laptop I want. How amazing! The Lord and Creator of the entire universe loves and cares about me so much that not only does He cover all the big important things, but He also provides a green laptop for me just because I wanted one.   Patience pays off.

The Mall is calling

Last Friday night we decided to go to Winston Salem to do some shopping, only problem is we neglected to realize how much time it was going to take at Best Buy for my husband to get his Iphone. So at the end of the night we drove 3 hours total, just to go to target and best buy. So today... we're headed down to do some mall shopping. I don't go to the mall very often, and when we do we don't normally buy anything, but we do find some good deals on clearance racks in old navy and children's place from time to time.  Hopefully the girls will be happy long enough to allow us to do some shopping. Maybe we'll reward them with Chuck E Cheese.

I'm also hoping my knees hold up to walk around. I was on Prednizone which helped greatly, but after 36 hours without it my knees are already starting to swell. I think I might have to start taking some fish oil supplements for my joints, maybe I should throw in some fat burner supplements too.  I guess we'll do what we can do!!

The Flu has arrived

We are dragging around here. Feels like someone has slipped us some sleeping pills. It started Sunday with Caylee laying around, which we all know is not normal for her! By Sunday afternoon she was running a high fever, Monday i took her to the dr where she tested positive for the flu. By Monday morning Eugene was feeling icky and by Monday afternoon Lexi was looking gray.  Caylee has also been complaining about her belly and today I felt her pain.  All day my stomach has felt off and Josiah has also been fussy, so I'm guessing he's feeling icky too.

Caylee and Eugene only had a fever for two days, Eugene's back to normal, Caylee's just really whiny. I hope we all start feeling better soon, whining and belly aches and runny noses are not fun.

River Trail

Yesterday I got out and ran for the first time since we moved, All last week I was out of commission because of my knee being so swollen and sore I couldn't even walk let alone run. But yesterday I finally got to check out the trail that starts not too far from here, I thought it was paved, but turns out it's not. It was my first time running on dirt, it was pretty hard though, since the ground is kinda frozen, parts of the trail were even covered with snow.

It was a hard run since it had been so long, and I still had a little bit of pain in my knee. I ran half of it with my headphones on like  I normally do, but I stopped for a second to take a picture of the amazing view I had while running. When I stopped I took out my headphones and realized I was missing the wonderful sounds of nature, the flowing river, the birds, the sound of my feet hitting the dirt. It was great.  I even saw two deer. that might just be my new favorite place to go, and I'll never have to turn around and run in multiple times, even if i am training for a full marathon. the trail is 51 miles long! 

I can't wait till it's warmer and we can take the kids to walk, or ride bikes. We might have to invest in an ergo baby carrier so we can hit the trail fully prepared! Yay for new places to exercise!

growing babies

Yesterday I went on a date with one of my friends to a consignment sale. I absolutely LOVE consignment sales. There's nothing better than being able to buy outfits for the kids for $2. It just happened to be half price day at this sale, I spent about $16 and walked away with about 10-12 outfits. You can't beat that. I got three pairs of pj's for Josiah for $1.50. that's cheap. I wish I could find men's clothing for that cheap! Eugene needs a new wardrobe.

I had a ton of fun looking through all the cute little boy summer outfits, I am so excited to dress this boy as he grows. We also went to Target where I found the perfect outfit for Josiah. Eugene and I saw it last time we went, but at the time we didn't have $10 to spend on one outfit. God worked out some things though, because Yesterday I found it on the clearance rack, and it was the only one left, and it just happened to be the size I needed for Josiah!!

The only bad part about buying all these new clothes was the fact that we don't have a dryer, so I washed all the new clothes and it just added extra clothes to hang around. Actually, we were gone all weekend, so today I had 4 loads of laundry, I hung one and the other three we took to a laundry mat to dry... only problem is that we walked in as it was closing, we put 2 quarters in 3 machines and  had to go when they were done, so nothing got dry. yah... our house is completely covered with clothes hanging around to dry!! I really hope we can figure out what is going on with our dryer. It's nice to save money BUT it takes a lot longer to do laundry, and longer to dry it, plus we have to dodge clothes hanging in door ways.


Sunday I spent a few hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, Monday my left knee was swollen and stiff. It's hard and it hurts! It's kept me up at night and made it impossible to do more than the necessary things. Even the important things like walking to change a diaper, or hanging the laundry or cooking supper are painful.

I'm not exactly sure what to do, My other knee has acted like this after runs if I don't stretch it good enough, but never this bad. I'm actually considering seeing a doctor, I know it's what I should do, but I hate spending the money we don't have... especially because no matter what they say it will probably cost more money, like Physical therapy or surgery...   Maybe I should go to Medical assistant school and see if I can learn anything. Only problem is i can't walk around. he he. oh well, it will get better soon. and when it is then I can finish unpacking the house.

Dear Previous tenants

I'd like to personally thank you for the pain in my knee, along with the swelling. Have you ever heard of the word "cleaning"? specifically when it comes to the floors? I have spent seven hours scrubbing the floors in a 5 step process that involved a mixture of green cleaning products and some good old fashioned chemicals. I spent entirely too much time on my hands and knees scrubbing your funk off the floors in an attempt to not have to wear shoes or slippers in the house. Seriously people, whatever method you used to try to clean the floors- it didn't work.

a very sore, tired, clean person.