Growing up the days seemed so long, a year was like forever. The older I get the faster the days, weeks and years go by.  I feel it is important for mothers/fathers/husbands/wives to spend some time doing the things they enjoy- having time for themselves. 

With me, that thing is running, and my husband is good to help me work out a way that I can run 3-4 times a week. My husband's stress relief time is playing drums. unfortunately, he doesn't get to do that very often.  His drum kit is set up in our room, but in order for him to play i have to take all the kids and go somewhere. I've thought about how nice it would be if we could get him a Pintech electronic drums it would take up less space, plus he could turn the volume down and the kids might not know he was playing.

He really loves music, and i really do want him to be able to have that time to decompress and do what he enjoys.  Maybe some day we can have a room that is a little detached from the rest of the house so he can go in, close (and lock) the door, and have some time to himself!