Breaking the Silence

I've been so quiet on this blog lately. I've been enjoying blogging at my site, but I thought it was time to break the silence over here at ha ha made you look.
I can't believe it's October already! The year is flying by, seems like each year goes faster than the one before it.
Football season has started and I have to admit I'm kinda getting into the game. My husband and I have actually found ourselves sitting on the floor in front of our TV watching the game on Sunday afternoon. I'm really missing all my Tennessee football fans.
I remember when we first moved to the Volunteer state I couldn't believe how crazy those people were over their college school football team. Bright orange was proudly displayed and worn everywhere by almost everyone. I have even seen a house with bright orange shutters and a bright orange door. I thought those people were crazy.
Little did I know I'd fall in love with some of the biggest Volunteer fans there are. I'd even get to know one of the bodies behind the mascot, Smokey the dog. I have to admit for about 2 years of hearing Smokey I thought they were referring to Smokey the bear. I thought Volunteer goes pretty good with Smokey the bear right? Maybe the football team was also the volunteer fire department? So I was a little uneducated. I learned!
For all my VOLS fans out there-Go Big Orange.