nice jewlery

I'm not a big fan of spending a ton of money on jewelry. Really the only expensive pieces I have are my engagement ring and wedding band. The only thing we've spent money on is the engagement right. Our wedding bands were my parents. I love sentimental value!
I saw these really nice wedding bands on this site and I love them! I'm not saying I would spend that much money, if I didn't have sentimental wedding bands and I was getting married, then I'd think about it.
They have some cute gold bracelets too.
I'm actually kind of funny about jewelry. I used to get so jealous of a friend of mine because her husband would buy her expensive necklaces, earrings, and rings just about every time they celebrated anything. I knew deep down inside I would probably make my husband return it if he ever spend that much money on a piece of jewelry.
I don't know why I'm so weird about that. When we spend money I really want it to be on something that we can keep and I want it to be worth it if we're spending a lot of money on it.
My husband often gets mad at me because I think eating out and going to see movies or renting movies is a BIG waste of money. really anything that involves going out and spending money (unless it's shopping!) it wasteful to me. I guess that's just my frugal brain...