Buying Children's clothes

Frugal Friday is here again!

I am very excited to say that my daughter is 1 year old and we have only purchased about 15 articles of clothing for her, only 5 were new from a store and we only paid full price for 2 of them. Oh, and did I fail to mention we pretty much have all the clothes she needs until she's 3? How do I do it? Most of the clothes came from friends and acquaintances, as their daughters or grand daughters outgrew the clothes they'd give them to me. I highly recommend used clothes. Especially when they are little because they don't wear the clothes very long. Some of our clothes were shower gifts or birthday presents, others came from consignment sales. This site is great because you can put in your state and it brings up a list of children's consignment sales in your area. I love consignment sales! If you're expecting a baby you should really check one out, it's a great way to save money. In TN I used to go to one called Just Between Friends, it was by far the biggest one over there. They have them in several states so check and see if there is one near you. There are also children's consignment stores all over the place which is where I have purchased a few things for her if we really need them and can't wait until a sale is coming up. I've also learned to shop in clearance sections as well as in thrift stores and at yard sales. My favorite by far are the consignment sales though! I just recently found another site which I haven't used yet but you can exchanged children's clothes, toys and items with other people. It's called Kidzoodle. No money is used except what you spent to mail out what other people request from you. You post items you have that you want to get rid of and you attain credits for those items, you then use the credits you received to get other people's items. Check it out.


Mommy said...

Thanks for all of the ideas on children's clothing. I too have bought very few items because we are blessed regurally by friends and family.