Diapers and diaper and more diapers

I was so excited to have a baby.

What could be better that having a blessing from God in your own house? A bouncing baby girl. How exciting. I knew having a baby would cost money, I'm not dumb enough to think that we wouldn't have to change our spending habits in order to afford all the diapers. However, I am a firm believer that if you wait until you "can afford" a baby, you'll never have one. Unless of course you're married to a very rich man, or come from a family with money (I am neither).

When Lexi was born we were given so much! I couldn't believe the amount of diapers we received as gifts, not to mention all the other important things you need for a baby. We didn't have to regularly buy diapers until Lexi was almost 9 months old. We honestly only bough about 5 packs for her between birth and nine months, and 2 of those packs were because we had gone on a 2 week long trip and didn't want to take all the diapers we needed along.

Once she hit 9 months and our supply had run out we started purchasing them weekly. Boy did this add up! I'm sure we spend about $40 a month on incontinence products.

I have thought about switching to Cloth diapers, Beth uses them for her two so I know I'd have support if I needed it. The problem is we haven't seemed to have the money needed to get started with them (plus my husband's not a big fan of this option).

So for now we shop around and use coupons to get the best deals on the diapers, maybe with Eugene's end of the year bonus we'll buy some cloth ones, or maybe she'll be potty trained by 18 months. (I'm sure since she started crawling at 12 months, and got her first 2 teeth at 12 months she'll jump right ahead to being potty trained....)