I tried it.

Today I did it.
I was scared.
I tried it anyway.
The washer stopped.
I opened it.
I reluctantly pulled the first piece of laundry out.
I sniffed.
Hmm, it didn't smell like Vinegar.
Something must be wrong.
I pulled out another piece of laundry.
I sniffed.
This one didn't smell like vinegar either!!!
Each piece of laundry I pulled out I smelled.
None of them smell like vinegar.
I'm impressed. I should have known Beth wouldn't lead me astray. I had to question it though, I mean 3/4ths a downy ball full of vinegar has a lot of smell. I have no clue how none of it stuck to my laundry.
Homemade laundry detergent, Vinegar fabric softener and line drying. The combination certainly makes doing laundry a lot cheaper!

I do have one complaint though. I had one towel in the load and it is hard as a rock. I don't think I could ever use that to dry off with. Next time I'm gonna try putting my towels and wash cloths in the dryer to see if it makes them usable. If not, I will have to reserve fabric softener for my whites. Does anyone else have hard towels, or am I the only one?


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

You thought I would lie to you? I'm hurt. :-P

Yeah, towels are never as good when they're not dried in the machine. I have heard that drying them for 10 minutes, no heat, in the dryer is enough to make them soft. You could do that and then hang them on the line to finish drying.

I wish I could only put one quarter in our machine and get 10 minutes out of it. But it won't start unless I shell out the whole $1.25.

Peggie said...

another thing you can do is make a softener. Use 1 part vinegar, 1 part baking soda and 2 parts water. Mix the vinegar and the water in a very large container. Add the baking soda, it will fizzle like crazy. When it stops pour it into your container(s). Use 1/4 cup per rinse load.


Michelle Peacock said...

LOL, I love how trepid you were about the vinegar. But I used to think it would smell the clothes up too. Congrats on the switch!