Get free books

My mom and step dad are both book lovers. There bedroom walls are lined with floor to ceiling book cases (the have more in their extra bedroom too).

I'm not a big fan of books, but there are a few I like. My mom seems to always be talking about new books they got or want to read and one day I finally asked her how they support their book addiction.

She told me about paperbackswap ( It's really quite neat. It's a place designed to trade books. If you have some books you have read and no longer want you post them on there and earn credits for the books you post. Then you look at the books other people have posted and use your credits to "buy" their book.
No money is used except what it takes to ship out a book- shipping is paid for by the sender. So the only thing you need to start is a pile of books you don't want anymore and $2.50 to mail books that other people might want.
If you sign up, tell them I referred you! Enter my email address mccurdygirl @ (just remove the spaces)

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Stephanie said...

That looks great, they even have a nice selection of homeschool books! I will be looking more into that. Some books I have that I enjoy but just aren't worth the time to post them on ebay or because I make nothing on them. I would rather swap and get something for it! Thanks a lot for this tip! I think it will be invaluable!! I havent signed up yet (short on time today!) but I will use your name as a referral!