A Lexi Post

I haven't done a post about my darling Lexi in a long time, so I chose today to fill you in on her.
She is still just crawling, she wants to figure out how to pull up, she tries but she always chickens out. She can crawl really fast though, and if you hold her fingers she'll walk everywhere. Her favorite thing to get into is still the electronics and I can't really blame her. We keep her toys right next to the entertainment center (which has the game systems and dvd and vcr right there at her head level when she's crawling.) What child wouldn't be tempted to play with it?
A few weeks ago she learned that the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen open and this has been another favorite to get into. I am blessed though, she stays in the room I am in, she is very much a people person. I'm lucky because my mom watches her granddaughter Scout who, despite being 4 months younger than Lexi, can climb up and pull up and stand and get into all sorts of things. Scout will also leave the room you're in to find more stuff to get into. So I have been blessed.
Lexi still has just two teeth, there is one trying to come through on the top, but it's been unsuccessful so far.
We got her a turtle sandbox at a yard sale on Saturday and she is loving it. I have to watch her close though because she really likes to try to eat the sand.
Friday night we went to the fair to watch a demolition derby as a family. It was the first one I have been to (that I remember, my mom might say different). It rained a bit before it started but it was still really cool. (Yes I know we're rednecks). Eugene took Lexi down the big slide, which was a great disappointment because the rain and taken away all the slickness and he ended up having to pull himself down. We also let Lexi play the "pick a duck" game. She of course got a duck with an "S" on it meaning she got a small toy (i think there is only one M and one L duck in the whole pool).
When we leaned her over the toy bin she picked a stuff snake. A Snake! not a girly bear or anything cute, an ugly stuffed snake. Did I mention that her favorite toy in the car is a tractor? Our insurance guy gave her a stress releaser tractor that she absolutely loves. She lights up when you give it to her. I think I have a tomboy in the making. Not that I am upset by that. I was a big tomboy myself growing up.
Well, Lexi has woken up from her nap, so my time to blog is over for now. Time to bathe the baby.


ashley said...

Do you seriously have a niece named Scout?? That's so cool. :-) We are reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" right now.

Peggie said...

Yes, her name is Scout and it fits. She loves to scout out everything she can get into! Today she got into the old computers and had the keyboard cord all wrapped around her body (not neck!) so when she went to toss it it would not go far and landed by her. We were right there and watched what she was doing and knew she was safe, and it was pretty funny.

I put her on the couch to change her diaper and she jumped up and started climbing the back of the couch. She started taking books from the bookcase behing the couch. I told her "no" and to put them back. When she did I said thank you. She then proceeded to go down the line of books, pulling them each out a little bit and waiting for me to say "put it back" and then "thank you" Finally she pulled one out, I said "put it back" she did and SHE said "ank oo" and went on to the next book! She then climbed up on to the back of the couch and looked so proud of herself, that was it, on the floor she went!

Jessica, wanna trade? I think one this active belongs to a younger person, I'll take Lexi.. ;)