We Won not just one but 3 vacations!

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to the Life and Family tour at the local even arena. We weren't sure what was going to be there, but we had free tickets so we figured it would give us something to do on that Saturday.
When we got there we realized it was a bunch of vendors trying to get you to buy their products... the perfect place for people with no money right?
The first booth that suckered called us in was the Charlotte observer. They offered us a deal we couldn't refuse. Friday-Monday paper for only $8 a month. Since I normally get the Sunday paper every week anyway we figured why not. Plus they gave us a $10 gift card to walmart and no money was needed that day. Perfect.
We managed to give enough looks that people new not to try to get us to buy anything as we walked past their booths for a while. Then some guy asked us if we signed up to win a trip to Orlando yet. OOH! Win a vacation?! you got our attention. So we signed up, then continued walking around forgetting about it.
About a week later I got a phone call. It was the people giving away the vacation. 20 people out of 950 won, and guess what? Yup, we were one of the 20 people. YAY! So as they are telling me all the stuff we won (6 days 5 nights in a 4 star hotel, all accommodations paid for 4 people, 2 5 day tickets into Universal studios with the fast pass included) I'm quickly typing it all into a word doc so that after I get off the phone I can tell my husband. Then they tell me that we were chosen out of that 20 people to win an additional trip to Las Vegas. WOW! 2 vacations?
That's when I realized there had to be a catch. no one just gives away that many vacations. The guy started telling me what we would be responsible for, we'd have to get to these destinations, pay the tax and go to a brief orientation...
Then I remembered an episode of my favorite show The King of Queens where Doug took Carrie to a ski resort for their anniversary. He had one the trip just like this. Turns out it was one of those places that wants you to buy a timeshare, so they make you listen to their little "orientations" all weekend.
The guy on the phone tells me he has to switch me to another guy who will get my address to send me the packet of information. The whole time I'm on hold I'm debating the situation in my head. 2 vacations, and all we have to do is listen to them talk for a little bit. We don't have money to purchase a time share anyway so it's not like we'd be tempted to buy anything...
The second guy gets on the phone. That's when he told me of the 3rd vacation I had won. a trip to Aruba!! OH COUNT ME IN! I can handle someone trying to pressure me into buying an Orlando vacation home if I get 3 free vacations out of it!!!
I'm so super excited by this point that I can actually ignore the thousands of times the two guys said "welcome to Orlando". Then he asks me for my credit card information..
Wait. what? I have to pay to go on my FREE vacations that I won?
Oh yah, tax. Ok, can't be too much right?
but $398 for 3 vacations is so super cheap! too bad we don't have the money. We don't even have a credit card (we're working on only buying things if we have the CASH to purchase them). So yah, I finally win something and I can't even have it.