Frugal Shopping

I'm trying so hard to be frugal with my shopping. This is difficult for me because I am an impulse buyer and I love to shop.
I've been going through Crystal's Supermarket Savings 101 course and it has me thinking even more about saving money and stocking up my "pantry". I did manage to buy 3 weeks worth of groceries for $100, but we will still need to buy milk, Orange juice and bread as they run out. However I'd like to stock up my cabinets, as well as get my household items.
She is very frugal and does all her shopping with $35 or less a week. This includes groceries, cleaning items, toothpaste, deodorant and all the necessities. She does a lot at CVS and Walgreen's, which I have recently started taking advantage of their deals. You can get a lot of stuff free or close to free if you spend a little bit of time couponing and checking out their flyers as well as the forums (like
We subscribed to the weekend paper, to make sure I'd get all the Sunday coupons- in the past I have bought the paper and not gotten them all. Today my goal is to sit down and look at the sales ads, comparing sales and Extra Care bucks (CVS $$) and coupons. Hopefully I'll get a list of some free or close to free items and be able to stock up. I noticed RiteAid (Eckards) had a lot of good free items.
My husband thinks I'm crazy; sure, he enjoys that I save us money and get free stuff, but he doesn't understand why we need 10 tubes of toothpaste. My thoughts? "if it's free, why not get it?!" He thinks I need some coupon rehab, kinda like a drug rehab program.