I am little irritated with companies right now. I briefly mentioned the fees that State Farm adds in each month to your policy in my blog about saving money. I just don't understand it fully. We HAVE to pay our monthly bill- everyone knows that.
Well, most companies send you a statement each month with the little tear off section at the bottom that you can include with your payment (if you still mail in payments). Some companies offer paperless options where they send you an email each month saying your statement is available and you can look at it online.
I guess once companies started offering the paperless statements they decided it would be fun to charge people who still wanted the paper statements. Not all companies do this, but some do. Ok, fine, I'll go paperless to avoid extra monthly fees. We normally pay all our bills online anyway (the ones that offer online payment options.) One time I called a company to make my payment over the phone and they said it was a $10 fee to pay over the phone!! $10!! to pay THEM! Of course I told them that was ridiculous and decided to pay online instead.
Other companies have the drafting option, where they just automatically take the money out of your account and you don't even have to worry about paying the bill. I really do not trust this, so we've always avoided it like it was the flu.
Then we meet State Farm. They charge $3 if you want a monthly statement. no paperless option. and $1 for drafting it out of the bank account.
Let me get this straight... You are going to take an extra $1 a month to take my money out of my bank, but if i want to do all the work and mail you a check it will cost $3 a month? Something doesn't make sense here.
So we pay an extra $1 a month for renters insurance. Oh, and we get a "bill" each month saying the money will be drafted on the 5th. So if we get the letter anyway, why do they charge $3 a month for those people who don't want it drafted?!
Today my husband made the car payment. Guess what? There's a $5 fee to pay online. There never used to be!
This is getting a little bit out of hand. Soon there will be fees if you want to mail out an envelope by leaving it in your mailbox for the mailman. Or maybe on the use of auto accessories. This world is crazy.