Camping trip

YAY! We're home! We left on Friday afternoon for a weekend camping trip on Lake Moomaw near Hot Springs, VA. (this is also known as The Middle of Nowhere- but we didn't know that before we made plans.) So we spent the weekend there with my sister and her husband. We had tons of fun sitting around and relaxing. Since it was in the middle of nowhere there wasn't much to do, there were some hiking trails and a beach- but the lake was really low do to the lack of rain this year so the beach wasn't that exciting. it was VERY icky. We still had fun though, I got to run with my sister which was great since Eugene is not a runner and I normally run alone. She pushed me further than I thought I could go and I shocked myself. Despite the great amounts of fun I am so glad to be home. Lexi came down with a cold or allergies or something so we got very little sleep, plus there's nothing like my bed and my computer- yes I'm addicted to the internet.
There's one bad thing about coming home from camping. the piles and piles of dirty laundry, as well as the need to put away all the camping gear. I've done four loads of laundry and I still have at least one more to do. 3 of them were from our camping trip and the other two were left over from before we left. My kitchen looks like a war zone and my bedroom's not much better. oh well, at least we're home.