The most over used profession in America


No one wants to take the blame for their own mistake so they sue each other, accusing neighbors, doctors, car salesmen, farmers. Yah that one cracked me up.

I did a google search on the word "sued" I got 19,800,000 results. That's a lot.

I think we've gone overboard. Dr's actually have to perform c-sections on some pregnant women, just to avoid being sued. Churches have to serve packaged food to the children in the nursery to avoid a lawsuit. That's pretty insane if you ask me.

There are 31 pages of attorneys in my phone book, I don't even live in a big city. I'm sure there are more ads in New York City in the category of medical malpractice attorney New York City does seem to be the place to file lawsuits. Unless of course you're sueing a farmer.

Does anyone else think we sue each other too much!?