My Messy Desk!!

YAY another meme thing! I am normally a neat freak. I'm semi-anal as my husband's family calls me. Everything has a place and everything needs to be in it's place. The one thing I let slide?? papers. Yah, bills, old bills that are already paid, coupons, easy saver catalogs. Anything paper has been deemed the privilege of stacking up on any flat surface available. This includes my desk.

So, Since Beth tagged me in her messy desk meme, I decided to see if I could find 5 crazy items on my desk. First I need to mention that the desk we use as our computer desk is entirely too small to be used as a computer desk, but it's all we have. So here we go...

  1. A size 18 month toddler button up shirt shoved in an envelope addressed to Benjamin Zapf. I guess I'll mail it soon.
  2. a 3V button cell battery that came out of my pedometer. It's dead but i want to make sure that when i go buy a new one, I get the right size. So for now it sits on my desk.
  3. A bobble headed funny duck that's supposed to go on the dashboard of a car. It sits on the monitor now that I don't have my car.
  4. a plastic Door stop. Yes I have a doorstop on my desk. Why? I have no clue.
  5. PAPER!!! this includes a small dictionary that my husband keeps taking off the book shelf and leaving on the desk, some receipts that need to be entered into my check book, an easy saver catalog, an ad for a photo contest that picture me is having, some coupons, my work in progress daily and weekly schedule, and an estimate/work order from the last time we had the oil change. Oh, there are also some papers in my mail organizer. I don't even know what they are though. (I can fit a lot of paper because our printer/scanner is on a small table next to the desk and the top is level with the desk, so it gets papers piled on it too).

I'm gonna tag my mom. This means she HAS to make a blog. She's been talking about it. (Mom, if since I tagged you it means you have to make a list of the 5 weirdest things that are on your desk like I did.)
I also tag anyone who may look at my blog. If you look at my blog leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog (if you have one) I'm just curious as to who reads this.


Peggie said...

Ok dear daughter, I will follow your example and tell all what is on my messy desk too!

Thanks for getting me going!
Love you!

Jes said...
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Jes said...

take two...
here is my mom's messy desk