Gotta have it.

I'm a pretty generic girl. I love to save money especially when it comes to buying store brand products, but there are some products that have to be name brand for me. The first one is garbage bags! forget the Walmart brand, go for glad. I can't stand pulling a full bag out of the can and having it split and having trash all over my kitchen floor. The other product I definitely need to be name brand is toilet paper! We used to go cheap name brand with Angel Soft, but I was annoyed with how fast we used up a roll- and there are just two of us using it. So we switched to Cottonelle. Now I can't stand anything but Cotonelle. There's just something about generic one ply sandpaper going across your bottom that makes me cringe.

What Works for you?


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Good garbage bag point. There is nothing more frustrating than a bag breaking while taking it out!

Speaking from experience I might add.