New Years Resolutions

I'm not the type to make new years resolutions, the reason being is that I am horrible at keeping them. I am not sure that I have ever made one that I've kept!

There are a lot of things I really want to change in 2010, and although they do include things like my health and my weight (maybe I should cash in a nordictrack coupon to work on my running) the majority of my goals for this year are spiritual. The main one is become passionate about Christ, become a lover of God, and truly seek Him.

Like I said, I'm not setting a resolution though. I'm just gonna try to change things. Something with that word automatically tells my brain it's not going to work.

What are your goals for 2010?

Christmas is done New year is so close

I have to say, 2009 went by REALLY fast. I can't believe before the week is over it will be 2010. I am pretty happy to see 2009 be over, it's been a trying year, although we've learned a lot and grown a lot, I'm hoping 2010 holds better things (like maybe a job for my husband!)

Christmas was very interesting, I realized this year that in the 7 years since we've been married we've never ONCE been home on Christmas! That's pretty crazy if you ask me. This year we went to visit Eugene's family and enjoyed a great Christmas morning opening presents with his sister and her family, then headed over to his other sister's house for the afternoon and evening.

When my family was visiting over Thanksgiving we celebrated Christmas, i got to give my mommy her present it was nice to see her open it. It wasn't anything exciting, but it's not like she needs to rock some dental implants Plano style or anything. She got all of us towels and embroidered our names on them, on the wash clothes was a little something we like. I LOVE mine, the girls have cool hooded towels. And my mother in law made me this sign that i absolutely love. it says "Life is full of choices, remove your shoes or scrub the floor." it's GREAT.

Anyway, New Years eve is looking to be a great night, Eugene's cousin is going to be getting baptized and we'll actually be there to see it. Hopefully the winter weather holds off till Friday!


I can't believe Christmas is so close. I just finished up my Christmas shopping, well, almost. I have to order one more thing. It was pretty easy to do since we're doing so little this year. I made most of the girls gifts, Eugene and I aren't getting each other anything this year, and family gifts were at a minimum.

This year I did a lot of my shopping online, probably because I didn't buy too much. and some of the things that were requested I could find online for a lot cheaper than in stores- like gauged earrings! Those are way marked up in stores like hot topic, and tattoo shops, i got great deals on ebay. he he. I also had some amazon gift cards which i used to pick up a few things for the girls.

You know, who ever came up with traditions must have exercised a lot more than our culture does now, or else food wouldn't be such a big part of all family gatherings. I've started running again, and I hope to keep it up. I know most people find it easier to just look up diet pill reviews than work off our overeating. I'm trying hard to work it off!


I saw a commercial the other day for a product I honestly think was ingenius!!! It's a faucet that turns on just by touching it. Any part of it, with any part of you. So if your hands are covered with chicken gunk and you need to wash them so you don't spread saminella all over the place, you just use your arm to touch the neck of the faucet and *poof* water is on. I'm sure there are some downfalls to it, like if you accidentally bump it, it would turn it on and off when you didn't want that, but honestly, I think that's a great idea. I don't know if they make bar faucets or not, but man, if we weren't renting I'd go out and buy one!

On a totally different note, we got our car back today, everything looks so new and shiny, and now my husband wants a new headlight on the passengers side, because there is quite a difference. he he. OH well, YAY for having a car!


So the past two blogs I've written have been on my husband's computer. Why you ask? well, because mine has decided it wants to run like a computer from the stone age. So yah, it's like 5 years old and has half a gb of memory on it, that is no excuse to take 15 minutes to let me click on something!! I know people with iphones and all the special iphone accessories and I'm sure they can do things faster than I can. Anyway...

Lately we've been playing a lot of wii. We got the new Mario game and let me tell you, it rocks! We also got Punch out and Shawn White, both pretty good games. (my hubby got a gift card to game stop for Christmas so we were able to get them! yay for gift cards) But Mario has got to be the best wii game out there! It's pretty fun to sit down with Eugene and play nintendo, it's a nice relaxing way to end the day. We don't get much time alone with out kids can you tell? he he.

Red Box

Have you heard of redbox? I hope so, if not look it up. It's amazing. Blockbuster is out there charging you almost $5 to rent a movie, but you can go to redbox and rent one for $1 plus tax per night. Anyway, the other day we were grocery shopping and as usual I went to about 3 different stores. I was amazed because all three stores now had a redbox in them. I think they are going to be one of the next top franchises. Not only did those three stores (within a 3 mile radius) have it in, but I knew of two others right near there.

I love having so many, I just wish they weren't all across town. It's great though because you can get on their website and check to see if any of the kiosks near you have the movie you are looking for, then you can even reserve it online and pick it up. Just remember what kiosk you reserved it at so you don't drive around to all the local redbox locations trying to pick up a movie. :)