I saw a commercial the other day for a product I honestly think was ingenius!!! It's a faucet that turns on just by touching it. Any part of it, with any part of you. So if your hands are covered with chicken gunk and you need to wash them so you don't spread saminella all over the place, you just use your arm to touch the neck of the faucet and *poof* water is on. I'm sure there are some downfalls to it, like if you accidentally bump it, it would turn it on and off when you didn't want that, but honestly, I think that's a great idea. I don't know if they make bar faucets or not, but man, if we weren't renting I'd go out and buy one!

On a totally different note, we got our car back today, everything looks so new and shiny, and now my husband wants a new headlight on the passengers side, because there is quite a difference. he he. OH well, YAY for having a car!