ahh the life...

Life has been so crazy lately.

We're preparing to go camping, I can't wait. We leave Friday morning.

My husband has been working so many hours it's crazy. Not to make up the hours he'll be taking as vacation time, but because there is a deadline at work. Yah, a deadline of tonight. Who knows what time I'll see him, it's 9:30 and he's no where near done. Although I love his new job, it makes me miss his old one where he never had to work late. That's the difference between commercial drawings and residential drawings. All he had to worry about before was making sure the people's walk in tubs were in the right place. Now he has sidewalks, weird awnings, indents in the walls... all sorts of things to worry about. Not to mention that instead of his company telling their customers when the drawings will be done, the customers tell them when they want them by. It seems so backwards to me.

I've been busy with Lexi and Camden (the little boy I watch) as well as keeping up with the house cleaning and trying to pack for our trip.

Jelly Bean is coming along good, she's such an active little girl. She moves a lot and I love to feel it. She even moved for her daddy the other night. :) I'm 22 weeks today. Past the half way mark. Each week I tell Bean how many weeks she HAS to stay in there for. Today it was "Jelly Bean, you have to stay in there for at least 15 more weeks." We don't want her to come as early as her big sister did.

I cannot believe how big Lexi is getting. Time is just flying by. in two months she will be TWO YEARS OLD. I can't believe it. She's so smart too. She is working on counting, she says two, tree over and over and over again. She is saying new words EVERY day. some of which we don't understand. She refuses help with climbing up and down stairs now, and is even working on some colors. She reads us books, she sings, she dances. Time is just flying by, I can't believe it.

Ok, this pregnant, sentimental sap is going to bed. Good night Blog world.