Diapers have been on my brain for a few months now. Between trying to get the stink out of my BumGenius one sized inserts, and thinking about ordering diapers for Jelly bean.

I think I've decided on Baby Kangas. I'll buy some BumGenius doublers to use as newborn inserts, and probably some Kelly's Closet inserts for once the baby is a little bigger. I'm really loving cloth diapers. I'd love to start a franchise. Is that even the right word?

I'm sure you get a discount when you're a store buying to sell. I really wonder why there aren't more stores that sell cloth diapers. Like, stores you can go to and see all the different things. It gets frustrating when one website sells a diaper you want to buy, but you have to buy the wet bag from another website.

I could just listen to my mom and use what she used- flats, pins and rubber pants. Certainly would be cheaper! I just like the convenience of pocket diapers.

Except for when you have them hanging on the line, almost dry and a freak rain storm comes and gets them and you wet while you're trying to take them down. Not that that has never happened to me. Not like that happened to me just now... no. I'm not wet.

Oh, and if you feel like getting Jelly Bean a present, just get a gift certificate to Kelly's Closet! :)