Home Sweet Home.

Well, we got back yesterday from our camping trip. It was great. We had a good time with my sister and her husband, then we had a few days of just family time. Both were wonderful.

We saw some alligators, went to Ripley's Aquarium (not worth the time or money), got some candy, laid around on the beach, sat at our campsite, and ate s'mores. We went into town a few times and got turned around, it would have been handy to have a gps tracking system or something, but oh well.

Lexi saw Sharks, Jelly Fish, Alligators, the Ocean, and had a few interactions with some fire ants. She also got her first mini sunburn. (just a little pink on her shoulders).

All in all we had a great time! Can't wait until next year! We might just have to go camping again this year, maybe for a weekend or something.