Going to town

I'm so excited because tomorrow I get to go to town. Although gas prices are dropping (Praise the Lord for that!) we still try to stretch gas as far as we can, which means only going to town once a week unless there is something planned.

Tomorrow there is something planned! So I get to go to town. And since I'm "nesting" and trying to get things all put together, I've come up with a list of things we need, most of which I'm going to put on our Target registry, but a few things I might pick up because they are cheap and needed sooner. I'm going to pick up some soap, and some baby hangers to put away the millions of newborn clothing we have. I might even pick up a basket or rubber maid container to put all of Lexi's play kitchen stuff in. Maybe I'll pick up some home theater sconces in case someone buys that big screen tv that my husband put on our baby registry. (Just kidding!) Is that a guy thing by the way? To scan some weird thing that has nothing to do with babies, but he'd love to have?

Anyway, I'm really excited to get out of the house, I should say off of our road since I've been getting out of the house by going for walks.

Yay for going to town!