She did what we wanted!

And she's two! Can you believe it?

Today has been an interesting day, Lexi woke up early, putting her in a bit of a sleepy mood all day even after her nap. We had several incidents where she was disobeying, we tried time out, we tried a spanking (to which she laughed at), and we tried ignoring her behavior. Nothing seemed to work.

After supper she was asking for her bubbles, but before we let her have them, we told her we wanted her to pick up all her toys. She had made a horrible mess all over the living room and her bedroom. We simply asked her to pick up her Mrs. Potato head and pieces while we cleaned up the rest.

Eugene and I got busy picking up the blocks, puzzles, alphabet magnets, dollhouses, fake food, plates and cups, books... you name it we picked it up. EXCEPT for the MRS. Potato head pieces. 5 minutes later she was still standing there staring at the pieces. The rest of the house was clean. She started whining for the bubbles. We kept explaining to her that until she cleaned up the potato head, she wasn't getting bubbles. She kept whining and whining and whining.

We didn't give in. (amazingly enough).

We were sitting on the couch watching tv, she was whining. I simply said "Lexi, listen to mommy, we want you to pick up your potato head toys, then you can have the bubbles, do you understand?" She kept whining. I said "honey, pick up the lips and put them in the potato." She finally got it and picked up the toys. We celebrated and gave her the bubbles.

So, although it took her almost 20 minutes she did what we asked!!!