Life insurance

Yesterday evening our insurance agent came to our house to meet with us. I have to admit I found it very strange that he was coming to our house. He's been wanting to talk to us about life insurance for some time now.

Eugene and I are not the most financially aware people. We don't save like we should, and live paycheck to paycheck. Although we've made a budget and try to stick to it, we're not very good at it. We also barely have enough money to cover our bills let alone set some aside for savings or investing or things like futures trading.

We know life insurance is a good thing, something we should have- just in case. He does have a small life insurance policy through his work, but it's not enough to take care of everything if something were to happen.

I was honestly shocked at how cheap it is! Like renters insurance we've put it off thinking we couldn't afford it, after meeting with him and going over our options I'm pretty sure come next month we'll be signing up for a life insurance policy.

I'm so thankful that he came (although it was a bit awkward) because he really did tell us about our options and made things a little more clear. (previously our thoughts on life insurance were clear as mud, now they are just dirty water). I DO want to learn a little more about life insurance, everything I've seen and read online seems to point to term insurance, especially for people our ages, Also, the policy he gave us a quote for has $10,000 coverage on each of our children- one flat rate no matter how many kids we have, it's only a couple bucks a month. Anyway, I would like your thoughts on life insurance, if you've written or read a good post about life insurance, please leave the link in the comment section. maybe it will help clear up our thoughts a bit more.