Our New place

Well, we're settled. I guess you could call it that anyway. We moved 9 days ago, I spent the entire day after we moved unpacking. My wonderful sisters in law watched the girls, my husband and my brothers in law went and painted our old place, leaving me to myself to get everything here done.

I was going good and strong until about 4 hours into it when I started to get a little lonely and realized I really haven't been alone in YEARS and YEARS. so I started texting in between emptying boxes.

I love our new place, except we are trying to get the smell of the last tenants out (they smoked). We have an entire room just for toys, which is great, except that there's no heat in that room so it's pretty chilly in the mornings and afternoons. We're consider an Amish fireplace, nice little electric fake fireplace I have no clue if they are safe around kids or not though. We got a little "room heater" it stinks, it does nothing to heat that room even though it was suppose to be able to handle a room that sized.

Anyone have any ideas for heating a room?