Last night I tried out my first Zumba class. I had a ton of fun, it wasn't as much of a work out as I expected, but it still definitely made me burn calories! There is a small gym here that allows non members to participate in the classes they offer for $5 each class, or you can buy a day pass for $7 i think. Not too bad if you just want to do something every now and then.

The Zumba class was so packed we could barely move which I think prohibited me being able to fully work out, it's a very popular class! We were squished in there so tight we couldn't see the instructor so I was watching some of the people who you could tell knew what they were doing. It was fun dancing around to different music. I am not very talented when it comes to dancing so I'm sure I looked like a fool. One girl in there was rocking out her skechers shape ups, she was awesome and hyper! She knew what she was doing so I watched her whenever I couldn't see the instructor.

I'd love to take the class again, we might even pursue a membership we'll see. There is talk of them moving the class to the big gym which would be nice AND helpful! I think my sister in law and I are going back on Saturday for more! Bring it on!!