to cut or not to cut

that is the question.

I am so torn between whether or not I should cut my hair again. I got it cut in November and it looked really cute, I got a ton of compliments. I had never had a hair cut like that, so the different style was nice. The thing I loved about having short hair is that I had to style it every day. It made me feel like I was taking care of myself better and I always felt more put together when i went out into public. However, that had it's cons too... It meant always having to take the time to style it. No more just pulling it up and running out of the house. If I was running late it was obvious because my hair was a mess!

Well now it's at the point where I can just barely pull it up again and I'm debating between cutting it or not cutting it. Sometimes it's nice to pull up, especially when I'm running and it's flopping in my face. But once my hair is long enough to pull up I RARELY style it.

But do I want to HAVE to style it every day or do I want the option to pull it up knowing that I'll probably pull it up 99% of the time? UGH it's such a hard decision. My short hair made it easy for special occasions, there was no guessing what I'd do with my hair, it was just one thing and one thing only. It was fun wondering what the wedding favors would look like instead of what my hair would look like.

I had scheduled an appointment for yesterday then decided to cancel it until I fully make up my mind. I asked for opinions on facebook and the consensus was it's a hard decision. Thanks for the help. he he he.

So for now it's here... but will I change my mind tomorrow?!