Stretching under the stars

I ran tonight and had an awesome run. I've been working on my mental thoughts while running because since I've moved here I've had a hard time running. Before we moved I did 9 miles and never once walked. I don't know if I've done a run without walking since we've moved which is pathetic. but I decided it has to be mental there's no other reason for it. ANYWAY....

My run was good, the best part didn't last long enough. When I do my long runs I have to drive down to the town and run the path, so my longer runs (Wednesday and Saturday) are ran down there. Today I ran after supper so it was starting to get dark by the time I finished my run, while stretching I got to lay down on the grass a bit and look at the sky. It was amazing, there were a few stars scattered across the sky, and the moon, although only half full was bright and lit up the night. I wanted to lay there for hours like I did when I was little, but I felt a little weird since I was alone and there were a bunch of men and teenage boys around. So I got up.

When I was young I used to take a sleeping bag out into the front yard and look at the stars for hours, there's something about nature that i just love, and nature at night is wonderfully amazing. For a minute laying there tonight I slipped back in time to when there were no cares in the world, no worry of being attacked by people walking by, no worry of getting home to see the kids before they went to bed, no worry of needing to look up skin id reviews because I stayed in my sweaty clothes too long . Just soft grass and a starry sky. I think we all need to take more time to do that. (don't go thinking I don't love my family and my life now, because I DO with all my heart i love them).