Words from my Lunch break

Almost every day my wonderful husband gives me a 30 minute lunch break (one of the BIG bonuses of having him work from home). Now that I watch my niece and nephew I don't get any time during the day to just sit and not think about dirty diapers or feeding kids, so this little lunch break is great! Some days I run, some days I blog (not very often obviously), some days I read my Bible, and once I've napped. I figured it was time to blog since it's been a while!

My weight loss is going good, I'm right around 30lbs gone since January 14th. I hit that 30lb mark, then hit this horrible plateau where I've gained a few pounds, then lost them then gained them then lost some. It's been going on for over a week and I am getting frustrated. My wonderful husband decided to help me yesterday by hiding the scale so I can't think about it. This means I have no clue how I'm doing, which has had a positive effect on me today. I woke up feeling thin, which made me feel great about myself and my ongoing lifestyle change (not diet!!) A few things I've noticed and tried to change are the fact that at night I'll check my calories and realize I still need more food, so I load in a bunch of calories right before going to bed instead of snacking during the day. So yesterday and today I've entered in breakfast and dinner in the morning, then I know the rest of the calories have to be eaten BEFORE dinner. it's helped a ton to me. I had also been subconsciously avoiding breads, which meant I wasn't getting in much fiber which well, you know what happens when you don't get enough fiber. :) So yesterday and Today I've made sure to get some fiber! I'm hoping all this will help me break through the plateau and lose these last 10lbs. I've been considering taking a daily multivitamin to help me get everything I need because I'm sure I'm lacking some good stuff in my diet, I just have no clue how to find a good one!

My running is going good, I ran 11 miles on Friday with my sister, I got my first blister from running! I consider myself a real runner now (because of the blister not the 11 miles). I did learn though that I don't like running with people. I had a HARD time running, partially because she is used to running a little faster than I have been which meant I got tired faster, also because I am used to running to music to help me keep a steady pace. My race is just three and a half weeks away now! amazing how fast it's coming I'm starting to get nervous. I reserved a cabin at a hotel in Virginia Beach (cheaper than a hotel, plus I like camping, I get to bring my own sheets and stuff and don't have to worry about how nasty the hotel room might be). The campground is pretty big, has 4 playgrounds, 4 pools, mini golf, basketball courts, an arcade... and the usual campground stuff.

Life with the kids is going good, I'm starting to get the hang of homeschooling, although I'd love to get more creative with my niece. She's in 4th grade and right now school seems a little boring! I will say I am learning a bunch of grammar though, maybe one day my writing will be pleasing to an English major. probably not though.

Lexi hasn't been doing school because she is just frustrating me when we tried, hopefully that will change by next fall when we actually start kindergarten. Caylee and my nephew are about 7 months apart in age and they make for an interesting combination. They are both the youngest and take turns being the spoiled one. Hitting is a daily event around here and I've pretty much stopped yelling at them when they do. Only because one will hit the other, then visa versa, I figure one day they will realize it hurts and just stop hitting!

I've been going to the local gym to Zumba classes every once and a while with my sister in law. They are fun! It's not a hard work out so it's great for beginners but it's also REALLY fun! It's nice to switch up my cardio and so something other than running!

Right now we are dog sitting for my sister while her and her husband are on a cruise. I'm kinda jealous, floating around the Caribbean on a big boat kinda sounds like fun right now!