Monday's don't normally bother me, they tend to be like every other day, but Today.... today was a day. That's about all I can say about it.

It was CRAZY here. I'm not sure if it had to do with the time change or not, but 3 of the 4 kids were cranky off and on, meaning at least one was fussing at all times. Top it off I was still trying to recover from whatever was wrong with me yesterday (body aches, fever, FREEZING, a bit of a sore throat) so I didn't have all my energy.

I managed to get up enough energy by this afternoon to get in a short run. There's not too many places to run around here that aren't completely mountainous, There is my road (a whopping .35 miles long) and the road next to mine (a whole .7 miles long) that together with the road that connects them makes for a decent 2.25 mile run. It has a few small hills but nothing I can't handle (now that I'm used to the thinner air). The .7 mile long road ends at a junk yard type thing, I doubt you'll find Ferrari parts there, but there are a lot of old police cars and some beat up vans. It's a quiet little road, when I run in the morning I normally see a few kids waiting for their bus, but other than that there's nothing and no one! My road is the same way, aside from the German Sheppard who acts like it's going to attack me every time I run by it (lucky for me it never even comes to the edge of the yard, it has scared me a few times though).

Now that I'm watching two extra kids I don't get much computer time in, so blogging is getting even harder to do. I just spent a few hours here getting some important things done that should have been done weeks ago. In front of me is a list a dozen items long of stuff that needs done. Time is so hard to come by, especially when I have days like today!

So how was your Monday?!