Father's Day is coming, are you ready?

Luckily I don't have to worry about rushing out to buy some expensive Patek Gondolo watch or something for my husband. He got an Xbox a few months ago which covers his Father's Day present. He is also getting to go to a Demon Hunter concert this month too. He's just a wee bit spoiled. Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up though that it's just around the corner, make sure you get all your cards and presents mailed!

Home Sweet Home.

Well, we got back yesterday from our camping trip. It was great. We had a good time with my sister and her husband, then we had a few days of just family time. Both were wonderful.

We saw some alligators, went to Ripley's Aquarium (not worth the time or money), got some candy, laid around on the beach, sat at our campsite, and ate s'mores. We went into town a few times and got turned around, it would have been handy to have a gps tracking system or something, but oh well.

Lexi saw Sharks, Jelly Fish, Alligators, the Ocean, and had a few interactions with some fire ants. She also got her first mini sunburn. (just a little pink on her shoulders).

All in all we had a great time! Can't wait until next year! We might just have to go camping again this year, maybe for a weekend or something.

ahh the life...

Life has been so crazy lately.

We're preparing to go camping, I can't wait. We leave Friday morning.

My husband has been working so many hours it's crazy. Not to make up the hours he'll be taking as vacation time, but because there is a deadline at work. Yah, a deadline of tonight. Who knows what time I'll see him, it's 9:30 and he's no where near done. Although I love his new job, it makes me miss his old one where he never had to work late. That's the difference between commercial drawings and residential drawings. All he had to worry about before was making sure the people's walk in tubs were in the right place. Now he has sidewalks, weird awnings, indents in the walls... all sorts of things to worry about. Not to mention that instead of his company telling their customers when the drawings will be done, the customers tell them when they want them by. It seems so backwards to me.

I've been busy with Lexi and Camden (the little boy I watch) as well as keeping up with the house cleaning and trying to pack for our trip.

Jelly Bean is coming along good, she's such an active little girl. She moves a lot and I love to feel it. She even moved for her daddy the other night. :) I'm 22 weeks today. Past the half way mark. Each week I tell Bean how many weeks she HAS to stay in there for. Today it was "Jelly Bean, you have to stay in there for at least 15 more weeks." We don't want her to come as early as her big sister did.

I cannot believe how big Lexi is getting. Time is just flying by. in two months she will be TWO YEARS OLD. I can't believe it. She's so smart too. She is working on counting, she says two, tree over and over and over again. She is saying new words EVERY day. some of which we don't understand. She refuses help with climbing up and down stairs now, and is even working on some colors. She reads us books, she sings, she dances. Time is just flying by, I can't believe it.

Ok, this pregnant, sentimental sap is going to bed. Good night Blog world.

Our Great Find

Ever since we moved I've been driving past this cute used furniture store about once a week. Little stores like that just call my name. I love to look at used stuff. There is just something about knowing you saved money on furniture!

Anyway, Today we FINALLY stopped. It had almost every piece of furniture you could think of, couches, tables, dressers, coffee tables, and beds. Outside there was this cute little table with four chairs. The table was white with each leg painted a primary color. The chairs were all painted a different primary color too. Well, it was little out of our price range considering the condition it was in. It has stickers all over it and it was VERY dirty.

We managed to talk the guy down $10, and after about 20 minutes of scrubbing it's nice and clean. Here's what it looks like now, all set up in her room.

Cute huh? the best part, she LOVES it.


Diapers have been on my brain for a few months now. Between trying to get the stink out of my BumGenius one sized inserts, and thinking about ordering diapers for Jelly bean.

I think I've decided on Baby Kangas. I'll buy some BumGenius doublers to use as newborn inserts, and probably some Kelly's Closet inserts for once the baby is a little bigger. I'm really loving cloth diapers. I'd love to start a franchise. Is that even the right word?

I'm sure you get a discount when you're a store buying to sell. I really wonder why there aren't more stores that sell cloth diapers. Like, stores you can go to and see all the different things. It gets frustrating when one website sells a diaper you want to buy, but you have to buy the wet bag from another website.

I could just listen to my mom and use what she used- flats, pins and rubber pants. Certainly would be cheaper! I just like the convenience of pocket diapers.

Except for when you have them hanging on the line, almost dry and a freak rain storm comes and gets them and you wet while you're trying to take them down. Not that that has never happened to me. Not like that happened to me just now... no. I'm not wet.

Oh, and if you feel like getting Jelly Bean a present, just get a gift certificate to Kelly's Closet! :)

Everyone, everywhere is buying!

I think I am officially the only one of my friends who hasn't bought a house. The sad thing is most people my age are buying houses regardless of whether or not they can afford it. They buy it with no down payment, tons of debt already and end up barely surviving.

That is why there are so many people looking for foreclosure help. We'll probably be renting for many more years. Maybe forever. We have to much debt as it is, school loans, dr bills, car loans, personal loans- fortunately our Credit card debt is under $400. But that doesn't matter with all the other debt we have. Our monthly bills, gas and food seem to equal take home pay, leaving no room for paying extra on our debts.

Although at times I get jealous of the thought of buying a house, I know I want to do things right and make sure we have a down payment as well as money saved up for any repairs that will be needed.

So for now, I'll be content just renting! :)

Baby Bean

I cannot wait until Tuesday.

Tuesday we find out whether Baby Bean is a boy bean or a girl bean.

My husband and I are so excited I don't know how I'm going to make it through tomorrow!

I got to switch doctors since we moved, which is a blessing. I really didn't like my old doctor. I am so thankful for my husband's job and the benefits. I'm so glad we have health insurance! It's better than the insurance I had when I was pregnant with Lexi, either that the doctors here are cheaper. The Doctor's office called the other day and told me how much it was going to cost for delivery and prenatal appointments.

Our insurance is pretty good, our health insurance even covers eye exams, I wonder if it helps pay for Lasik... I've been contemplating that. It would save some money in the long run. I mean even though I wear one pair of contacts for two months (or more sometimes) they still cost money. If I got Lasik, i could wake up in the middle of the night and still see! that would be amazing.

I doubt it covers it, I don't know as though I'm brave enough anyway...

For now I'm just waiting for Tuesday!!!!


My computer has been acting weird lately. It's kinda slow. The internet is speedy, but when I try to go from Mozilla to a word document or something, it seems to get confused and freeze up a bit. I think it has something to do with RAM, or memory or something. The hard drive is no where near full, so I know it's not that.

Maybe we can get some Dell memory, or more RAM and fix it? Anyone know anything about computers? I can work on a computer, but when it comes to working IN a computer.... you got me!

economic stimulus check

I don't want anyone reading to think I'm upset about extra money. That's why I'm starting this blog with that sentence.

I'm not sure I understand the point of the check we'll be receiving this month from the government. It's some how supposed to jump start the economy by giving everyone extra money I guess.

I guess because we will all get that money and go out and buy extra things like flat screen tvs, an elliptical machine or for anyone weird like me- cloth diapers.

But how is this one time spending going to help make more jobs and get America out of debt? The good people (one of which I am not) wont even spend their money. They'll apply it all to a debt, or put it in the bank to save.

Am I misunderstanding the point of this check? Or is there something I don't know about spending money that will help us not go into another great depression?