She did what we wanted!

And she's two! Can you believe it?

Today has been an interesting day, Lexi woke up early, putting her in a bit of a sleepy mood all day even after her nap. We had several incidents where she was disobeying, we tried time out, we tried a spanking (to which she laughed at), and we tried ignoring her behavior. Nothing seemed to work.

After supper she was asking for her bubbles, but before we let her have them, we told her we wanted her to pick up all her toys. She had made a horrible mess all over the living room and her bedroom. We simply asked her to pick up her Mrs. Potato head and pieces while we cleaned up the rest.

Eugene and I got busy picking up the blocks, puzzles, alphabet magnets, dollhouses, fake food, plates and cups, books... you name it we picked it up. EXCEPT for the MRS. Potato head pieces. 5 minutes later she was still standing there staring at the pieces. The rest of the house was clean. She started whining for the bubbles. We kept explaining to her that until she cleaned up the potato head, she wasn't getting bubbles. She kept whining and whining and whining.

We didn't give in. (amazingly enough).

We were sitting on the couch watching tv, she was whining. I simply said "Lexi, listen to mommy, we want you to pick up your potato head toys, then you can have the bubbles, do you understand?" She kept whining. I said "honey, pick up the lips and put them in the potato." She finally got it and picked up the toys. We celebrated and gave her the bubbles.

So, although it took her almost 20 minutes she did what we asked!!!

Interesting Day

Lately when we go in Lexi's room in the mornings it has been smelling like mildew. We've always kept her door closed while she sleeps, that way the noise we make doesn't affect her. Since breathing in mildew isn't exactly a good thing we thought we'd try leaving her door open while we were asleep too. We weren't sure what was going to happen, but we tried it.

At 4:30 this morning she started crying for momma. After a few minutes she was still crying so I went in to get her and brought her to our room. I thought since it was so early she'd fall back asleep in between Eugene and I, and we'd be able to bring her back to her bed and get some sleep. I was wrong.

She wanted to snuggle with her daddy, which was fine, until she was trying to get him to play peek a book. She seemed too awake. So I asked her if she wanted to go back to her bed. She said yes, Eugene brought her back there and as soon as he put her in the crib and pulled the side up she started screaming. Not the type of screaming you ignore, especially not at the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, we tried a couple other things and at 5:30 she was still wide awake so I gave up and brought her into the livingroom. She wanted to watch Curious George, so she sat on the couch, milk in one hand, cereal in the other. She was in a complete zone.

I decided to take advantage of the still time and read some blogs and stuff. My computer is running so slow now, it doesn't like waking up so early, I think it needs a memory upgrade or something, but for now I deal with a slow computer.

Anyway, around 8:15 she decided it was time to go back to bed and slept until 11. So now it's lunch time, but it feels like it's still 9 am!! This day is just flying! I've even been getting stuff done like laundry, dishes, more laundry, diaper stuffing. All the usual.

On a good note, she woke up in a great mood and is happy now.


I've been watching my friend's little boy who just happens to be the same age as Lexi. Let me tell you, two two year olds is a rather fun combination. Most of the time it's a good thing, but days like today when they are fighting over every toy- I just want to scream. I clean up the living room, and three seconds later it's a big mess again. I don't think I could even fill out an online auto insurance quote without having to get up 17 times to break up a fight. I have a bit of peace and quiet right now because I just laid them down for a nap. I really should be cleaning up the livingroom, but instead I am sitting here blogging, no wonder my house is a mess.

I am still trying to solve the toy storage issue in Lexi's room, nothing seems to work for us. She's got so much in her room with her little table and chairs, her kitchen, dresser, diaper shelf, and bed that there isn't much space for toy storage. I'm wanting to get a shelf and put her toys on it, with baskets for the smaller toys so that she can see everything, but there is no room for that. I don't know what we'll do when Caylee is ready to move in there and we have a crib and a twin bed!!

Anyone have any perfect solution?

Life insurance

Yesterday evening our insurance agent came to our house to meet with us. I have to admit I found it very strange that he was coming to our house. He's been wanting to talk to us about life insurance for some time now.

Eugene and I are not the most financially aware people. We don't save like we should, and live paycheck to paycheck. Although we've made a budget and try to stick to it, we're not very good at it. We also barely have enough money to cover our bills let alone set some aside for savings or investing or things like futures trading.

We know life insurance is a good thing, something we should have- just in case. He does have a small life insurance policy through his work, but it's not enough to take care of everything if something were to happen.

I was honestly shocked at how cheap it is! Like renters insurance we've put it off thinking we couldn't afford it, after meeting with him and going over our options I'm pretty sure come next month we'll be signing up for a life insurance policy.

I'm so thankful that he came (although it was a bit awkward) because he really did tell us about our options and made things a little more clear. (previously our thoughts on life insurance were clear as mud, now they are just dirty water). I DO want to learn a little more about life insurance, everything I've seen and read online seems to point to term insurance, especially for people our ages, Also, the policy he gave us a quote for has $10,000 coverage on each of our children- one flat rate no matter how many kids we have, it's only a couple bucks a month. Anyway, I would like your thoughts on life insurance, if you've written or read a good post about life insurance, please leave the link in the comment section. maybe it will help clear up our thoughts a bit more.


Boyles furniture giveaway!

Want to win $10,000 for a dream room?! Sounds good to me! Boyles Furniture will be giving one lucky winner $10,000 to furnish their dream room!

How awesome is that?

Ever heard of Boyles? It's really nice, high quality furniture. You can check out their website and their discount furniture at their site. I was checking it out and there is a lot of furniture I'd love to get my hands on. I'd love to furnish my bedroom with their furniture. Talk about a luxury room!

To enter to win their giveaway just click on the image it will take you to the page to register!

Going to town

I'm so excited because tomorrow I get to go to town. Although gas prices are dropping (Praise the Lord for that!) we still try to stretch gas as far as we can, which means only going to town once a week unless there is something planned.

Tomorrow there is something planned! So I get to go to town. And since I'm "nesting" and trying to get things all put together, I've come up with a list of things we need, most of which I'm going to put on our Target registry, but a few things I might pick up because they are cheap and needed sooner. I'm going to pick up some soap, and some baby hangers to put away the millions of newborn clothing we have. I might even pick up a basket or rubber maid container to put all of Lexi's play kitchen stuff in. Maybe I'll pick up some home theater sconces in case someone buys that big screen tv that my husband put on our baby registry. (Just kidding!) Is that a guy thing by the way? To scan some weird thing that has nothing to do with babies, but he'd love to have?

Anyway, I'm really excited to get out of the house, I should say off of our road since I've been getting out of the house by going for walks.

Yay for going to town!

Getting closer

Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks pregnant. I can't believe the time is drawing to an end. I am so excited to see my baby, hold her, kiss her and introduce her to her big sister. I'm a bit nervous about how Lexi is going to handle the big change, I've been praying for an easy adjustment for her.

After Lexi's 2nd birthday party I was so relieved that we had nothing to do until Caylee is born. Then the reality of how soon that could happen it and I realized how much we have to do! I dug out the newborn clothes and washed them, now I'm trying to find a place to put them all away. I also realized we don't have a diaper bag yet! The one we have for Lexi is awesome, but it is not big enough for two babies in cloth diapers.

Then of course there is the fact that we have to buy more cloth diapers, we're still searching for the best option and the best buy. Little things that we need keep popping up too, I mentioned earlier trying to get all the newborn clothes put away, our plan was to let Caylee and Lexi share a dresser, but truth is we have too many clothes! So we're thinking about buying a cheap closet organizer to optimize the space.

So with excitement comes the nervousness that we might not have anything. But hey... as long as Caylee has a place to sleep (which she does) a car seat to get home in (which she does) and food to eat (which she will once she's born) she'll be fine! I just have to keep reminding myself that a little bit of mess and clutter is ok. :)

I hope you're all having a good day!