Back to CVSing

I've finally gotten back into the CVS deals, after about 16 months of being out of the game. I've used all my shampoo and conditioner I had in the closet, and even had to buy some. That's when I decided I needed to get back to CVS. I started off with what would have been a really awesome deal, had one CVS had everything I needed to complete my deal, but they didn't.

I went to CVS in hopes of getting 6 12 packs of Mt Dew, and a box of soy joys. The soda was 6 for $20, and you get $10 in ECB's back. The soy joys were $6 and you get all $6 back in ECBs. I also had a $5 off a purchase of $25 coupon. So I would have spent $21, and gotten $16 in ECB's back. However, the store that had soyjoys didn't have soda, and visa versa. So I got the soda, and bought some lotion, spent $21 and got $10 back. I also have a rain check for the soyjoys.

With my $16 ECB's hopefully I'll be able to keep them rolling over and stock up on all the toiletries we need! It was nice to go a year without having to buy shampoo and conditioner and toothpaste. I'll probably end up with more random things I won't use like age spot creams and heartburn meds, but oh well. If it's free- why not? Surely someone can use it.