I haven't been blogging much on either of my blogs lately, my computer has been majorly slow, I think it needs a vacation, or maybe it's on vacation and that's the problem, I did notice a search for montego bay vacation packages open on the screen the other day. Maybe I should look there.

Right now I can't even get on my other blog because my husband is trying to update it but ran into some sort of problems. But when I want to blog here I have to come upstairs and use my husband's computer, which he's been using almost all day every day. I requested some computer usage from him today, and he went down stairs to play with the girls. I love to seem him interact with them. I went down a minute ago to start supper and he was sitting on the floor, Lexi beside him and Caylee snuggled up on him. They love their daddy so much and it's so cute!