Another round of babies

no, not me. People all around me are pregnant. Not as many as when I was pregnant with Josiah, but I still know a lot of people who are pregnant! Soon dad's will be breaking out their dutch master cigars to celebrate the birth of their new babies.

I met a woman who I think is going to become a pretty good friend. She was watching Josiah in the nursery on Sunday. We have a lot of things in common, we both are mothers, use cloth diapers, breastfeed, homeschool... we had a play date the other day and our kids seemed to get along pretty good too, it was nice to see Lexi interacting with other kids. She has 3 kids and is due in the end of July/beginning of August. 

She also told me about the homeschool co-op that meets at the church, the La Leche League that meets a few blocks away and a story time that meets a few buildings down from me! It's nice to know there are things going on around here. It will give the kids and I some things to look forward to, anything for some socialization with other mommies!